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An Investigation into Ending One's Life in New Zealand


The Health Select Committee is investigating people’s views.


Parliament’s Health Select Committee is conducting an investigation into ending one’s life (suicide) in New Zealand. As part of this investigation, they are hearing what people’s attitudes are about the legalisation of assisted suicide: whether it should become legal to encourage or help someone else die by suicide. More information on the investigation here.

Are you informed about the issue?

Did you know that people request assisted suicide mainly for psychological and spiritual reasons, even if they are terminally ill? Did you know that when people receive treatment for depression, their wish to die almost always disappears? Watch a short video here
Did you know, assisted suicide is being proposed not only for the terminally ill, but for almost any New Zealander over 18? (We’re not talking about switching off life support, do-not-resuscitate requests, refusing or withdrawing futile treatment. We’re not talking about a doctor giving a person pain relief to make them comfortable. Read more here.)

Here’s a short video on why we don’t treat humans the way we treat animals.

Be informed so you can have your say.