0508 TAUTOKO (0508 828 865) if in distress or worried about someone else

Terms of reference

What the Committee wants to know

The Health Select Committee invites people to write about the points below, called the “terms of reference”. It’s not necessary to write about all of them.

See here for some ideas for writing.


The Committee wants to know:

  1. The factors that contribute to the desire to end one’s life.
  2. The effectiveness of services and support available to those who desire to end their own lives.
  3. The attitudes of New Zealanders towards the ending of one’s life and the current legal situation.
  4. International experiences.


The Committee will consider “all the various aspects of the issue, including the social, legal, medical, cultural, financial, ethical and philosophical implications”.

The full details are available at tiny.cc/termsofreference.